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Therapy tables, MTT devices and therapy needs


Therapy tables, MTT devices and therapy needs

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Recommendations for your physical therapy equipment

Reha Line 2.0 Seated Leg Press
Reha Line 2.0 Seated Leg Press The seated leg press allows synergistic training of the entire extensor muscles of the legs, particularly the hip and knee extensors and the ankle joint. Includes movement limiter and lordosis cushions as well as special noise insulation elements between the weight plates Optimal low access point especially for hip and knee patients, with easy adjustment of the starting position Also suitable for jumping strength training thanks to long movement path Gas-spring-assisted backrest adjustment from a seated to almost lying position and adjustable footplate angle Medical device per Directive 93/42/EWG Features of the Reha Line 2.0 seated leg press Weight: 151 kg Weight gradations: 3 x 5 kg/17 x 8 kg Dimensions (L x W x H): 256 x 96 x 183 cm (at maximum training position) Total weight: approx. 447 kg Frame colour: silver/anthracite (fine structure) Amalfi upholstery cover at no extra charge, Pandoria Plus upholstery cover can be selected for an extra charge
NEXX 3 therapy couch, electric, all-round control, single piece. headboard
NEXX 3 therapy couch, all-round electric control The NEXX series of therapy couches places special emphasis on therapists' wishes. During development, particular emphasis was thus placed on attaining the highest level of functionality. Intuitive operation coupled with stability, functionality and design make the NEXX the perfect partner for daily treatments. Timeless, straightforward and minimalist design ""Wobbling tables are now a thing of the past!"" – Unparalleled stability for all types of treatments. A unique, integrated roller lifting system allows for very gentle lifting and lowering of the treatment table. Convenient height adjustment of the lying surface thanks to the all-round control integrated in the frame. Maximum accessibility of the controls while also ensuring legroom at the same time. Features of the NEXX 3 therapy couch 3 pieces lying surface, approx. 202 x 65 cm 1 piece headboard is continuously adjustable from +33° to -68° All-round electric control, incl. safety lock box, integrated in the frame Lifting power of motor: approx. 225 kg Height adjustment from approx. 49 – 95 cm Roller lifting system with 4 swivel castors that can be operated from both sides Upholstery height of 7 cm Weight: approx. 130 kg Total load: max. 250 kg User weight: max. 200 kg Amalfi-quality upholstery colours can be freely selected; Pandoria Plus upholstery colours are available for an extra charge. Frame colour optionally in stainless steel silver or white ** 5-year special Nexx warranty (excludes upholstery) Optional extras for the NEXX 3 therapy couch: 3 pieces headboard 3 pieces headboard with dual function Fixation strap with 2 rails Lying surface 75 or 80 cm Wellness upholstery Paper roll holder Extension gallw (not retrofittable)  (Picture shows NEXX 3 therapy couch with optional 3 pieces headboard)
SANOCIRCLE SC4 med, leg flexors/extensors combination machine
Sanocircle SC4 med, leg flexors/extensors combination machine , approved a medical device These dual-function, concentric-concentric-action devices, each for two muscle groups, impress with their simple technology and high-quality workmanship. Weights were not used to increase the resistance. Instead, SANOCIRCLE works by means of a hydraulic cylinder system, in which the resistance is adjusted via an easy-to-use, scaled dial. The dosage of the force resistance can be sensitively adjusted for both directions of movement. This guarantees softer and more even resistance to movement, reduces the risk of injury and overloading, and enables effective training in the shortest possible time, since the concentric-concentric system acts simultaneously on two muscle groups. With the hydraulic cylinder for nuanced resistance in each direction of movement, the user also benefits from individually balanced force ratios and thus also biomechanically optimal training conditions over the entire range of motion. During the development of the SANOCIRCLE, special attention was paid to ensuring the training equipment could be operated in a self-explanatory way The simple adjustment of the resistance allows training to be started quickly without complex settings. Furthermore, thanks to rollers integrated as standard in the frame, the devices can be set up quickly in a space-saving manner on one side of the training room, thus creating maximum flexibility. However, even when in the assembled state, the SANOCIRCLE stands for optimal use of space. With its seven dual-function devices in a compact design, it enables a complete ""full-body workout"" from a floor space of around 20 m2!At the same time, SANOCIRCLE training is great fun and offers a good training solution for all those who have so far not enjoyed classic strength training with machines. From beginner training for everyone to senior fitness: When easy to use meets minimal space requirements and a joy of group training, the SANOCIRCLE is your perfect partner. Features of the Sanocircle SC4 med, leg flexors/extensors combination machine , with approval as a medical device Training equipment for strengthening the four-headed thigh extensor & ischiocrural muscles and increasing strength endurance, as well as strengthening the cardiovascular system. Frame colour: white or stainless steel silver Amalfi upholstery cover at no extra charge, Pandoria Plus upholstery cover can be selected for an extra charge Dimensions in cm (L x B x H): 152 x 69 x 114 Total weight: 63 kg Scope of delivery: Sanocircle SC4 med with 2-way cylinder with differentiable resistance for agonist and antagonist movement
nethos ne02 Pressback/Butterfly Trainer
nethos ne02 Pressback/Butterfly Trainer The nethos series of training equipment consists of hydraulic combined devices (medical device class I) offering training that is safe and gentle on the joints for patients undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Thanks to the concentric-concentric action of the innovative hydraulic system, the movement can be terminated at any point, which means no undesired compressive or tensile forces are applied to the person exercising. The pared down use of forms is not only a defining design element here but is also carried forward in a functional sense in biomechanically optimal movement sequences with maximally reduced operating complexity. Less, but better. The principle The simple user ergonomics of the nethos user interface pursue this focus on the essentials. Resistance, movement speed and repetition rate are perfectly visualised and provide an unparalleled training experience. Aluminium and glass serve as high-quality points of interaction between the user and the device. The materials used create an exclusive training environment and, at the same time, meet the increased hygiene requirements. Repetition counter:The smart repetition counter in 5-rep increments allows those training to concentrate without restriction on the execution of the exercise. Resistance controller: By means of ergonomic control knobs, the desired resistance is independently adjusted for both directions of movement. Speed compiler: The simple "traffic light system" perfectly visualises the optimal training speed and increases the quality of movement. The new push-adjustment system (PAS) is used to quickly and conveniently adjust the arm restraint. The Pressback/Butterfly Trainer thus enables an axially-aligned training experience with a high feel-good factor and ensures outstanding biomechanics. Features of the nethos ne02 Butterfly/Pressback Trainer: Combined device with separately adjustable resistors for both directions of movement via the nethos user interface Safe and quiet training: the person exercising is not exposed to any undesired compressive or tensile forces at the end of the movement Convenient adjustment from the seated position Intuitively and freely selectable starting position Dimensions (DxHxW): 142 x 145 x 112 cm Total weight: 159 kg

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